Frozen Shoulder – Acupuncture & TCM Diagnosis

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Frozen Shoulder 


Frozen shoulder occurs when tissues surrounding the joint thickens and tightens creating stiffness and pain for the shoulder joint. Using specific acupoints during the acupuncture treatment will help with the symptoms and recovery.


Acupuncture & TCM Diagnosis and Symptoms:


Wind Cold 

Symptoms of cold wind is wandering pain, worse with exposure to wind or cold. Acupuncture can be used to remove the wind and cold from inside the body.


Qi and Blood Deficiency 

Symptoms of this are that the pain is worse when waking up in the morning, better after use, inhibited stretching and bending, as well as fatigue. Acupuncture can help solve the issue by improving the qi in many areas of the body.


Damp Cold 

Damp cold is diagnosed with the symptoms of acute pain with cold and heavy sensation, worse with exposure to cold, wind and rain, and difficult movement. Acupuncture can be used to remove the damp cold from inside the body.


Channel Qi Stagnation

The symptoms of channel qi stagnation is distending and numbing pain aggravated by poor mood, and no palpable pain spots. Acupuncture can be used to unblock the qi channel to improve symptoms of qi stagnation. 


Blood Stagnation 

Blood stagnation can be identified with stabbing fixed pain and swelling of the shoulder joint. Acupuncture can remove the stagnant blood to improve the symptoms and help with recovery.


Liver and Kidney Deficiency 

Symptoms of frozen shoulder caused by liver and kidney deficiency are limited range of motion, dizziness, vertigo, lower back pain, and lack of strength. Acupuncture can improve the qi of the liver and kidney, which will help soothe the symptoms and help with recovery.


Damp Phlegm

If damp phlegm is the reason for the shoulder issues, then the following symptoms will be present. heavy sensation, limited shoulder movement, painful and swollen joints. Acupuncture can remove the phlegm from inside the body and improve the symptoms.



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